Student Council News

Jonata Middle School Student Council Meeting

December 9, 2014


  1. Roll Call – All present

    Jack, Heather, Hannah, Camilla, Angel, Lyndsey got there just a few minutes late


  2. Approval of November 18 Minutes

    We will do this at the next meeting.


  3. Treasurer’s Report

    Discussed ASB accounts.


  4. Old Business - None


  5. New Business
    • Winter Wonderland Dance Planning

                              We need:

                                 Theme title - We have a theme or name for the dance and we will be giving hints to students before break

                               Goodie bag items (including the bags themselves) – Lyndsey and  Kiely will look into this. McKenna and Celeste will look into candy  items

                                       Flameless candles – Mrs. Fayram


                                       Food! (Mini cupcakes, water, lemonade, hot chocolate?)

                                       Hannah – Sugar cookies, gallon water, hot chocolate, mini  cupcakes, helium

                                       Camilla - Strawberries

                                       Chaperones – Students will ask parents

                                        DJ - Celeste

                                        Bridge from high school – Mrs. Fayram

    • Candy Cane Gram Sales

      Start candy grams on Tuesday the 16th . Students volunteered to sell each day.


  6. Announcements - None
  7. Adjournment

We were dismissed on time thanks Mrs. Fayram!:)


Respectfully submitted,